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SOS Ponso is a project of Les Amis de Ponso (Friends of Ponso). We are dedicated to rescuing Ponso, the world’s loneliest chimpanzee, in the Ivory Coast.

The Issue

Starting in the 1970s, New York Blood Center bought baby chimpanzees whose families were murdered, for their biomedical research center in Liberia.

Torture & Abandonment

After decades of chronic torture, Ponso and nineteen other orphans were abandoned without care on a deserted island in Ivory Coast. 11 were dead within months.

Last Survivor

Now 40+ years old, Ponso is the last remaining member of this abandoned NYBC chimpanzee troop. Ponso’s indomitable will to live helped him survive miserable isolation and loneliness.

Global Support

Ponso’s call for help was answered. Today, SOS Ponso and our wonderful international supporters are fighting to improve Ponso’s life and secure a safe home.


Through the selfless giving of thousands of international supporters have we been able to get this far. We provide a balanced diet 3 meals a day, Germain’s salary and Ponso’s veterinary care.


Our mission will be a success when Ponso is reunited with other chimpanzees either in an existing primate sanctuary or a future one, where he will live out the rest of his days among new friends and family.

About Brooklyn
“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

Germain Djenemaya

Germain is Ponso’s primary caregiver and sole companion since the last of the troop died in 2013. Germain was feeding Ponso as best he could mostly with bread and bananas while offering tours to visitors to earn funds needed to purchase produce for his friend. The bond between these two is undeniable. Germain is a fisherman who has lived his entire life in this area and has pledged himself to Ponso’s long-term care. In direct response to Germain’s perseverance, SOS PONSO was created to raise funds to feed Ponso and pay Germain a simple living wage.


Our Team

Les Amis de Ponso include a core group of dedicated international professionals. We wouldn’t be here without the immense worldwide support of all Ponso’s friends. Our team is grateful for all of your support.

Alexandra Gazel

Alexandra Gazel


Alexandra is a business lawyer, President of Les Amis de Ponso, and the driving force behind this coalition of international supporters and organizations collaborating to ensure Ponso finds a safe home.


Sandrine Bui


Sandrine is an RH consultant in an international firm and the Treasurer of Les Amis de Ponso. She looks after all donor relations for the association and ensures the money raised goes where it was intended.


Estelle Raballand


Estelle is a chimpanzee expert and the founder of the Chimpanzee Conservation Center in Guinea. She was the Director of CCC for 16 years, has been working with chimps for 20+ years. She was initially retained to assess Ponso’s health but now she oversees Ponso’s care.

Our Service

Our Progress

In February 2015, Ponso’s story finally got international coverage and a major campaign began. After a visit from Alexandra Gazel, Ponso’s situation was about to change. A lot of hard work has gone into this project. Here’s a quick snapshot of our progress to date:

Health Assessment

Ponso has been revealed negative for all pathologies that are dangerous to chimps and humans.

Sustainable Balanced Diet

Ponso now receives three healthy, balanced meals a day during his regular visits with Germain and Estelle.

Travel Cage

In anticipation of his journey to a new home. Ponso’s travel cage has been completed and awaits its eager passenger.

New Home

If possible, Ponso will be transferred to a new home at a reputable primate sanctuary in a neighborhood country. Or a more suitable home will be built for him here in Côte d’Ivoire.

Our Service

Help Ponso reach his forever home.


Our Gratitude

This team effort to save Ponso has been made possible by some very special, compassionate people around the world who made a heartfelt commitment to one lonely chimpanzee half a world away. Every single person who chooses to help Ponso is making a difference in his life. To name a few, our most sincere gratitude goes out to everyone, and not least to these individuals.


Brad Anthony

Digital Consultant

Brad Anthony is a Canadian ecologist and digital consultant who has been travelling the world full-time since 2012, donating his valuable professional skills to animal protection and wildlife conservation projects in need. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Dr. Jane Goodall, he aspires to live a life of service for the greater good. Brad built and manages our website so we can share Ponso’s story with the world.



Wildlife Orphanage

Our heartfelt thanks to the renowned Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia for agreeing to provide Ponso with a loving, natural home if we can get him there. The orphanage is currently home for 132 very lucky chimpanzees. We could not be happier with this opportunity for Ponso to meet new friends and family. Please visit the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage website to learn more about their valuable work.


L' Association du Calao

Conservation Organization

The Association of Hornbill is an international association based in Luxembourg; its primary objective and wild animal conservation while developing and supporting development projects with communities in East and West Africa. The conservation of animal species and the development of neighboring communities go hand in hand; assisting in the education of men, the species may also be protected.


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